Construction Details of Run-In Sheds Include!

Siding is tongue and
groove rough-sawn
pine board or
29 gauge metal.

6x6 pressure treated
lumber foundation.

2x4 SPF roof rafters
and plywood sheathing.

4x4 & 2x4 oak framing.

1x8 Interior oak 4' high kickboards are standard.

30 year asphalt shingled
roof or 29 gauge metal.

-Windy Hill Sheds
-Lancaster County, PA

Run-In Sheds

Customized Options Include:
Dividers, Tack Room, Stall, Dutch Door, 6" or 12" Higher Building,
Chew Guards, Weathervane, Cupola, Electrical Package, Ridge or End
Vents, Drop Vents, Extra Doors or Windows, Window
Overhead Door,
Overhang, Architectural Shingles, Interior boards.
Call for Prices.

Click on image for larger view or more information.



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Run-in shed
Run-in sheds
Wood Run-in shed

#RI 101
10X20 Wood

#RI 102
Wood 10X20
White Stain 
#RI 103
Wood 10X20
Cedar Stain-Shingles
Wood Run-in shed
Wood 10X18 - 6' Tack
Metal 10X30 Red Run-In 

#RI 104
Wood 10X20
Grey Stain-Shingles 

#RI 105
Wood 10X18 - 6' Tack
Cozy Brown Stain

#RI 106
Metal 10X30
Red Run-In-Metal Roof 

Wood 12X24 With 4' Overhang Run-in shed
Run-in sheds
Run-in shed

#RI 107
Wood 12X24
With 4' Overhang

#RI 108
Metal 10X16
Red with Metal Roof

#RI 109
Wood 10X18 - 6' Tack
Cedar Stain

Run-in shed Run-in Wood 10x18 with 6' Tack Room Run-in,  Metal 10x20
#RI 110
Metal 10X24
Evergreen & Brite White

#RI 111
Wood 10X18
Unstained-Tack Room

#RI 112
Metal 10X20
Red with Metal Roof

Big Bale Feeder 6x10 Run-in shed Run-in Metal 12x30 with Two 12x7 Openings

Option #508
Size 6X10
Big Bale Feeder

#RI  113
12X30 Wood Painted

Two 10x7 Openings
#RI  114
12X30 Copper Metal
Two 12x7 Openings
Run-in shed Run-in shed Run-in  10x36 with Tack and Stall
#RI  115
14X48 Wood, Tack Rm
Unstained &  Metal Rf

#RI  116
12X24 with Tack Rm
Red Metal & Dutch Dr.

#RI  117
10X36 w. Stall & Tack
 Clear Stain & Metal Rf

 10x24 Wood Run-in with Tack Run-in shedRun-in Metal 12x24 with Two 8x7 Openings

#RI 118 
10X48 w. 6' Tack Rm
Wood with Gray Stain

#RI 119
10X24 with 6' Tack Rm
Wood & Shingled Roof 
#RI 120
12X24 Metal Shed
Tan with Blue Trim
Run-in Metal 10x12 with One 8x7 Opening Run-in Metal 10x30 with Tack and two 8x7 Openings Run-in Wood 12x36 with Three 8x7 Openings

#RI 121
10X12 Metal, White
with Gallery Blue Trim

#RI 122
10X30 Metal w. 4' Tack
Stone & Gallery Blue

#RI 123
12x36 Wood with
Natural Stain & Shingles
Run-in shedRun-in Wood 10x22 with One Stall & Opening Run-in Metal 12x00 with Two 8x7 Openings Run-in Wood 10x20 with 4' Overhang
#RI 124 -Stained
10x22 Wood, Metal Rf
1 Stall & 1 Opening
#RI 125
Metal Siding & Roof
Grey Siding-Red Trim 
#RI 126 - 10x20 Pine Painted Siding-Green
Shingles-4' Overhang
Run-in 10x16 Metal Siding, Shingle Roof Run-in Metal 12x00 with Two 8x7 Openings Run-in Wood 10x20 with 4' Overhang
#RI 127 -10x16
Shingle Rf & Mtl Siding
One 8x7 Opening
#RI 128 - 10x24
Metal Rf & Wd Siding
Two 8x7 Openings  
#RI 126 - 12x48Metal Rf & Wd Siding
Five 8x7 Openings
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