Large Modular
Horse Barns

These barns are transported in
modular sections and constructed on site.

Click below for the specifications of the
barn pictured at the right
without options that are pictured in this photo.

Additional photos of this barn and the inside are in the thumbnails below.
LB #601.

Large barn

-Windy Hill Sheds
-Lancaster County, PA

Modular Horse Barns

Many Custom Options Available
There is a great deal of customization in these barns. You can
download the general specification sheet above and contact us
for a detailed quote. The price will depend upon options choosen.


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Click on an image for a larger view or more information.

Wood 36X36  Modular Horse Barn Inside Right-5 Stalls, 36x36 Modular back view 36x36 wood modular
#LB 601 - Front View
36x36 - 10' Overhang
4 Stalls,Tack & Wash

#LB 601a - Back View 
36x36 - 10' Overhang
4 Stalls,Tack & Wash

#LB 602 - B&B Siding
36x36 with Metal Roof
3 Stalls, Tack & Wash

36x36 modular 36x36 Modular 36x52 Two story barn
#LB 603
36x36 - 10' Overhang
4 Stalls,Tack & Wash
#LB 603-Other View
36x36 - 10' Overhang
4 Stalls,Tack & Wash
#LB 604
36x52 - Two Story Barn
4 Stalls,Tack & Wash
24x60 L-shaped Modular Details 12' Overhang 24x60 L-shaped barn from back
#LB 605-Modular
24x60 L-Shaped Barn
Pine T&G, Metal Roof
#LB 605a - Modular
24x60 L-Shaped Barn
12' Overhang

#LB 605b - Modular
24x60 L-Shaped Barn
Back view.

32x32 low profile modular 32x32 barn back view Cupola and Weathervane

#LB 606-Modular
32x32 Low Profile
Pine T&G, Metal Roof

#LB 606a - Modular
32x32 Low Profile Barn
Back View - four stalls

#LB 606b - Modular
32x32 Low Profile Barn
Cupola & Weathervane

36-36 Modular with loft 36x36 side view 36x36 Large Barn Construction

#LB 607
36x36 Modular Barn
Loft and 6' Overhang

#LB 607
36x36 Modular Barn
Side View
#LB 608
36x36 Modular Barn
with full loft
Modular stalls Modular center aisle stairway

#LB 607a
36x36 Modular Barn
Stalls Inside

#LB 607b - Inside
36x36 Modular Barn
Center Aisle & Stalls
#LB 607c - Inside
36x36 Modular Barn
Stairway to Loft
Four stall inside wash stall from above loft wash stall
#LB 603a - Inside
36x36 Barn Above
Four Stalls
#LB 603b - Inside
36x36 Mosular Barn
Stall from loft above
#LB 603a - Inside
36x36 Modular Barn
Wash Stall
Modular wash room Modular stalls 36x60 Pole barn
#LB 601a - Inside
36x36 Modular Barn
Wash Room
#LB 609 - 3/4 View
36x48 Modular Barn
B&B Siding Painted
#LB 610 -Pole Barn
36x60 Pole Barn with 10'
overhang, arched trim

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Photography by Nancy Brammer and Modular Barn Customers. We thank you for sending them!